Suspension Enhancements

Suspension Enhancements

We understand your suspension problem: Your truck rides like a Cadillac when empty but…
it can’t handle the loads you’re putting in the back of the truck. You need a simple and effective solution.

You need a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System- The Answer For Suspension Problems/

There’s nothing complicated about the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System. An SES kit is the quick and easy way to overcome your problems with load capacity and ride quality performance for your truck, van SUV, or Jeep.


Yesterday’s pickup truck worked like a truck and rode like a truck. Today’s truck rides more like a car. They are designed with softer, smoother ride quality, but sag and sway under heavy loads.

Truck owners are looking for a helper spring that delivers good ride quality and extra load capacity – all at the same time. Is this possible?

Yes. Timbren SES delivers both good ride quality and improved load handling without affecting the unloaded ride. That’s the beauty of the Timbren system!


The softer ride qualities of today’s tow vehicles cause excessive roll and sway resulting in a “white-knuckle” experience. Timbren SES kits eliminate trailer roll and sway, vehicle sag and the need for anti-sway bars. Steering and handling is also improved.

Vans & SUV’s

Looking for better ride quality and extra capacity for your passenger vehicle? Enjoy the best of both worlds. Timbren SES provides both excellent ride quality and extra stability all at the same time.


A heavy body mass combined with the softer ride quality of RV’s and Motorhomes can cause dangerous sway and instability resulting in a “white-knuckle” driving experience.

Timbren SES eliminates side-to-side roll and sway, improves steering and handling and creates a safer driving environment.

Commercial Vehicles

Whether your delivering tools, parts, packages or people, vehicle sway and suspension sag can be a real problem. SES kits help to eliminate this kind of instability.

Timbren SES is a maintenance free suspension protection package that reduces expensive repairs. This means you can remain on the job longer with less down time.